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Why pay more when you don't have to?

We are an affordable alternative to high nightly rates of other hotels without the commitment of a lease.



Room with refrigator and table

You won't find better rates than these

Paying outrageous nightly rates, fees, and taxes at the big-chain hotels and motels is no one's idea of a good vacation. Let us show you a comfortable, clean, and relaxing stay that will put more money back into your pocket, no questions asked.

Description Price
Nightly (subject to availability) $55.00 and up (+Tax)
Weekly (7 nights) $209.00 and up (+Tax)
Monthly $899.00 and up (Not taxable)



*Hotel/Motel tax: 13%
(No tax collected after 30 days)

*Prices Subject to Change

As an extended stay hotel, we generally do not accept reservations for less than 7 days. However, even if you do not require an entire week for your stay, renting a week with us is generally much more affordable than renting a nightly room for a few days at a traditional stay hotel. 

We also offer the added benefit of an in-room kitchen to save you money on dining. Our nightly rates come at an attractive rate of $55, but these are only available on a walk-in basis or by calling ahead on the day of your arrival. 

Generally speaking, we usually have some daily rooms available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but seldom during the week. Additional days can be added to your weekly or monthly stay upon request.

Ask about our double beds starting at $259 weekly. Call


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